Thonie Hevron (Blog)

FALSE LIGHT book coverFALSE LIGHT by Claudia Riess
January 10, 2020

Thanks, Thonie!

I’m happy to announce that False Light, the second book in my art mystery trilogy published by Level Best Books is now available.

Once again, academic sleuths Erika Shawn, art magazine editor, and Harrison Wheatley, a more seasoned art history professor, set out to tackle a brain teaser.

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Marilyn’s Musings (Blog)

FALSE LIGHT by Claudia Riess
November 24, 2019

False Light is the second book in the Claudia Riess’s art history mystery series.

This newest art-world thriller Riess continues the evolution of the professional–and personal–relationship between art magazine editor, Erika Shawn, and professor of art history, Harrison Wheatley.

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