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NAIWE Member of the month: Claudia Riess

Claudia Riess, a Vassar graduate, has worked in the editorial departments of The New Yorker and Holt, Rinehart and Winston and has edited several art monographs. Her earliest recollections of word-spinning are of her father, an English professor, telling stories at bedtime—funny stories about a little girl and her daddy going on riotous adventures. These were interspersed with lively readings of Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins. Other times the two would sit around the kitchen table and discuss Will and Ariel Durant’s The Age of Reason.



To Kingdom Come

Issue No 173, 2022

In 2021, Claudia signed a second three-book contract with Level Best Books to continue her art history mystery series that began with Stolen Light. The plot involved murder, the Italian Renaissance, and the Cuban Revolution—as well as a love story.  The book was chosen by the Vassar travel program coordinator and the Vassar Latin American professor for distribution to the participants in their “people-to-people” trips to Cuba.
Book 4 in the series, To Kingdom Come, was released May 31, 2022.  
Working title of Book 5: Dying for Monet; to be released on June 11th, 2024. Pre-order the E-book now.
All books in the series are available through,, and at independent book stores.  For bulk discount purchases, contact
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Writing in the Face of Grief

Women’s National Book Association logoAn articleby Claudia Riess. Published by the Women’s National Book Association.

In 2009 my husband was windsurfing off the coast of Maui; flexing his well-toned muscles as he perfected his jibes; falling off the board and climbing back on, conquering the force of nature to be one with it. Meanwhile, I, his landlubbing wife, safely planted in the sand, was snapping photos of my seventy-two-year-old daredevil. Read more…

East End-based Author Claudia Riess On Her Art Mystery

                 “Mixed Media: Art, Crime, and Romance,” by Claudia Riess

                 MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL/ The Journal of Mystery Readers International

                 Vol. 38 no.3 – Fall 2022. Page 54

An Artful Writer – An Interview with Claudia Riess

The Dames Docket: Mar-Apr 2021/Vol 7

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“Dangerous Liaison: Fiction and History”

Spring 2020 Issue

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Dangerous Liaison: Fiction and History