To Kingdom Come

Amateur sleuths, Erika Shawn-Wheatley, art magazine editor, and Harrison Wheatley, art history professor, attend a Zoom meeting of individuals from around the globe whose common goal is to expedite the return of African art looted during the colonial era.  Olivia Chatham, a math instructor at London University, has just begun speaking about her recent find, a journal penned by her great-granduncle, Andrew Barrett, active member of the Royal Army Medical Service during England’s 1897 “punitive expedition” launched against the Kingdom of Benin.  

Olivia is about to disclose what she hopes the sleuthing duo will bring to light, when the proceedings are disrupted by an unusual movement in one of the squares on the grid.  Frozen disbelief erupts into a frenzy of calls for help as the group, including the victim, watch in horror the enactment of a murder videotaped in real time.

It will not be the only murder or act of brutality Erika and Harrison encounter in their two-pronged effort to hunt down the source of violence and unearth a cache of African treasures alluded to in Barrett’s journal.

Much of the action takes place in London, scene of the crimes and quest for redemption.

Claudia Riess, award-winning author of seven novels, is a Vassar graduate who has worked in the editorial departments of The New Yorker and Holt, Rinehart and Winston, and has edited several art monographs.


“Once again Riess produces a mystery you can’t put down…Our favorite sleuthing couple, the Wheatleys.”

     —Lenore Scola

“A thoroughly fascinating book.”

     —J. C. Hand (author of East of July)

   “…the appealing heroes banter well while solving crimes…Highlighting the importance of repatriation is applauded.”

      —Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating mystery…appreciated the author’s knowledgeable understanding of history, art, and art history from around the world.”

—Rebecca (Goodreads)